From old tires to new car parts: Neste, Borealis and Covestro aim at closing the loop for automotive industry

Neste, Borealis and Covestro have signed a project agreement to enable the recycling of discarded tires into high-quality plastics for automotive applications. The collaboration aims at driving circularity in plastics value chains and the automotive industry. When no longer fit for use, tires are liquefied by means of chemical recycling and then processed into base chemicals and further into polycarbonates of high purity. These can then be used in various automotive applications, from parts of headlamps to radiator grilles.

Read the entire press release from Neste here.

Enviro is not part of this project agreement.

Neste announced in April 2024 that the company had successfully concluded its first processing run with tire pyrolysis oil supplied by Scandinavian Enviro Systems. According to Neste, the oil was processed into high-quality raw materials for chemicals and plastics.