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Latest news about Uddevalla and the joint venture

“Nokian Tyres signs a purchase agreement for recovered carbon black – aiming to create even more sustainable tires and accelerating circular economy”

Nokian Tyres has made a long-term purchase agreement with Enviro’s and Antin’s joint venture. The agreement will help Nokian Tyres reach one of its key sustainability targets, which is to increase the share of recycled and renewable raw materials in tires to 50 percent by 2030.
Read the entire press release from Nokian Tyres here.

“Michelin joins Antin and Enviro to announce the construction of first end of life tire-recycling plant in Sweden”

Michelin continues its approach of proactively supporting the development of used tire recycling ecosystems and is committed to collaborating on the future developments of the Enviro and Antin’s joint venture. As an example, Michelin has signed a multi-year supply agreement regarding carbon black and pyrolysis oil.
Read the entire press release from Michelin here.

“Preem secures new circular raw material for production of renewable fuels”

Preem has signed an agreement with Enviro’s and Antin’s Joint Venture company, to secure the supply of raw material for the production of renewable gasoline and diesel from tire pyrolysis oil, a raw material made from used car tires. The agreement means that Preem will have access to just over 7,000 tons of pyrolysed tire oil per year between 2026 and 2034.
Read the entire press release from Preem here (in Swedish).

We see things differently. We see value in waste.

A world without waste

If we do what we do to the fullest, in a global network that shares our mindset and dedication to creating sustainable solutions – this is the destination we can reach.

Each year about 28 million ton of end-of-life tyres require a sustainable recycling solution. Enviro’s unique pyrolysis technology recover some of the components, including carbon black, steel and oil. The recovered raw materials can then be used in the production of new tyres and various other products.

A 93% CO2 reduction from using Enviro’s recycled carbon black – completely in line with manufacturing companies’ producer responsibility.
Enviro’s CFC process holds 3 patents in 52 countries. The process ensures that the waste is pyrolysed 100% under highly controlled forms.
The JV, between Enviro and Antin, plans to establish plants across Europe with a total capacity of up to one million tons of end-of-life tires recycled annually by 2030.

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Helping Michelin manufacture fully sustainable tyres by 2050

Global tyre manufacturer Michelin has developed a sustainable racing tyre containing 46 percent renewable and recovered material, including recovered carbon black from Enviro.

Recreating raw materials from waste.

Our process enables industries to use recovered raw material in their production process, achieving sustainability and true circularity.